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Here are some websites belonging to members, supporters, and friends of the Celtic Arts Center. Check 'em out!

An Claidheamh Soluis/Gaelic Adventure

Rowing a traditional Irish currach (coracle) across the Atlantic Ocean from North America back to the west of Ireland to draw attention to and reinvigorate the learning and use of the Irish language.

Help save the Hill of Tara and Gabhra Valley!

Let's stop the myopic plan to turn this culturally important and historic site into the M3 motorway!
Anam Cara for Tara

Acoustic Music Dot Org logo
- a website about musicians and their music -
An Comunn Gàidhealach America

The Gaelic (Gàelidh) Society of America

The Arizona Irish Music Society
Full of Irish music, language, and other Celtic links.
The Brown Sisters & George Cavanaugh
Celtic Folk Music Ensemble
Craig Records
Celtic music on the silver flute featuring
the music of Susan Craig Winsberg.

A wonderful online resource for traditional
and contemporary folk songs of Ireland,
Scotland, and England.
Red-headed Goddess, songstress, and

Celtic Attic
Celtic jewelry, gifts, and treasures galore!
Celtic Cultural Center: Madison, WI
A cousin organization in Madison, Wisconsin
that offers Pan-Celtic classes, lectures and cultural events.

Celtic Lyrics Corner
Great source for the words of your
favorite artists and tunes.
Celtic Lyrics Corner
Great source for the words of your
favorite artists and tunes.
Celtic Music Association of Madison, WI
A volunteer organization that organizes Celtic concerts and is nominally connected to UW-Madison.
Celtic Spring
The "Von Trapp Family of Celtic Music"
Clann na Gael
Traditional Irish music band
in Southern California.
Cleary Irish Dance
The Cleary School of Irish dance, Cleary Irish Dance Company (CIDC) and the non-profit arm, St. Ambrose Irish Dance Association, Inc.
Cló Iar-Chonnachta
A Galway publisher of books and traditional
Irish music, primarily in Irish. A great
resource for Irish language students.
Thunderously delicate Celtic Music
Culann's Hounds
Lively kick-butt traditional Celtic band
from San Francisco.

Dan Auerbach
– Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, and Bass Lessons –
One-on-one instruction customized to meet your needs ranging from beginner to advanced.
An Irish traditional music group
based in Co. Waterford
Daltaí na Gaeilge
Non-profit corporation promoting and teaching the Irish language since 1981.
The Artwork of Courtney Davis
World-reknown artist whose
work has Celtic,
Viking and Arthurian themes.

Dublin 4
Rip-roaring traditional Irish music!
The Druid Academy
A "hedge school" for training in the modern path of Druidism.
Everything Celtic
A dance troupe that travels throughout California performing at many events.
Check them out!
Experience LA
Listing of events and performances
throughout Greater Los Angeles.
The Fenians
A rousing, Irish pub band.
Finn MacCool
It's not just cool, its Finn MacCool!
A Contemporary Celtic Rock Band
Fellowship of Druidism
for the Latter Age
Dedicated to promoting Folk Music,
Dance, Storytelling, and other folk arts
in the greater LA area

Gaelic Storm
Santa Monica, CA-based Irish band
featured in "Titanic".

Heaven’s Window
Spiritual Tarot & Other Services.
Highland Sun
A fine LA ensemble playing music
from Ireland, Scotland, and
Places Unknown.

The Irish Arts Center
Our sister organization in
New York City, NY

The Irish-American Heritage Center
Our Illinois cousins in north Chicago.
They've got classes, a library, a museum,
grand theatre/auditorium, and a Pub!
The Irish Cultural Center
Our Arizona cousins in
Phoenix, AZ

Los Angeles County
Irish Fair & Music Festival

at the Fairplex in Pomona.
The Irish Import Shop
Huge selection of Irish music, books, jewelry, food & drink, home decor, apparel, and more.
Shop at the store in Hollywood, CA
online, or now in San Diego, CA!
Los Angeles Irish Set Dancers
"Rince Boghas Gaelach" - Classes, exhibition dancing, and events.
Kathleen Keane
A beautiful and versatile musician who bridges the gap between traditional & contemporary Celtic music with her fiddle and whistle!
Ken O’Malley
A great vocalist and lead singer for the
Twilight Lords.

Tour Ireland with Ken O’Malley!
Kerry Records
Encouraging contemporary Irish music
& the spoken arts.
Connect with Ireland!
Kris Colt
A mystical journey of
Americana Celtic Folk Rock.

Ma Burke's Roominghouse
Grub & Limericks
Morrisey School of Irish Dance
Martin Morrisey, T.C.R.G.
Myth & Legends
Gorgeous Photography! - Prints available
of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Britain.

The Pluck & Squeeze Band
A Welsh folk dance band from Cardiff, Wales - UK.
Loyola Marymount University's
Irish Studies Program
and their
Summer in Ireland Program
Raven's Cry Grove, ADF
A Neopagan Druid Fellowship
for Southern California
Come celebrate the Wheel of the Year
in the Old Ways!
The Raven Playhouse
in the heart of the NoHo Art District and a former meeting location for the Center back in the '90s.
The Los Angeles Branch of
Royal Scottish
Country Dance Society
Check out their classes and events.
Shamrock Imports
For 33 Years the Home of Quality
Irish Products in the San Fernando Valley.
Sligo Rags
Upbeat and energetic Irish and Celtic ensemble from Orange Co.
Slugger O'Toole
A Celtic band that met at the Celtic Arts Center and now performs rollicking traditional pub tunes and a capella working songs.
A site with information about slow-play seisiúns and resources on learning the music.
The Sweet Set
A Celtic group from Southern California that plays up-beat, foot-stomping Irish music.
High-energy Oakland, CA-based band
that blends Celtic, Norse, and rock music.
True Thomas
Storyteller, Public Speaker, Consultant
United Scottish Society
of Southern California
A non-profit organization seeking to stimulate interest and encourage participation in Scottish culture and social events.
Welsh League of Arizona
Cynghrair Cymreig Arizona
Welsh language classes, special events, and more in Arizona.
The Wicked Tinkers
Scottish bagpipe & drums in your ears.
Wild Wood Morris
A mixed Side performing Border
Mor is dance in Southern California.