Buain Na' Rainich (Reaping the Bracken)
It's said to be a traditional lullaby, however, we've performed it as a 'puirt na buel' or 'mouth music style which is how it's traditionally sung in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This style is a bit more upbeat and was used to accompany dancers when no instruments were available. The lyrics are based on a tale of a fairy who fell in love with a young girl whom he met when she came out to cut the bracken. When her family found out about the two, they locked her up at home. When she never returns, he becomes despondent and sings this lamenting song. It works quite well as a lullaby, and the sentiment of the song goes that way. According to one website it can be sung to a tune "Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes".


Tha mi sgìth 's mi leam fhìn,
Buain na rainich, buain na rainich
Tha mi sgìth 's mi leam fhìn,
Buain na rainich daonnan

'S tric a bha mi fhìn 's mo leannan
Anns a' ghleannan cheòthar,
'G éisdeachd còisir bhinn an doire
Seinn 's a' choille dhòmhail;
Cùl an tomain, braigh an tomain,
Cùl an tomain, bhòidhich,
Cùl an tomain, braigh an tomain,
'H-uile là a'm' onar

O na 'm faicinn thu a' tighinn,
Ruithinn 'dhol 'nad chòdhail,
Ach mur tig thu 'n seo 'gam shireadh,
Ciamar thilleas dòchas?
Anns an t-sithean, o, gur sgìth mi;
'S tric mo chridh' 'ga leonadh,
'N uair bhios càch a' seinn nan luinneag
Cha dean mis' ach crònan.
'S bochd nach robh mi leat a rithist,
Sinn a bhitheadh ceòlmhór,
Rachainn leat gu cùl na cruinne,
Air bhàrr tuinne seòladh.
Ciod am feum dhomh bhi ri tuireadh?
Dé ni tuireadh dhomhsa
'S mi cho fada o gach duine
B'urrain tighinn 'gam chòmhnadh?

Ha mee SKEE smee lum HANE
BOO’UN na rah-niCH boo’un na rah-niCH
Ha mee SKEE smee lum HANE
BOO’UN na rah-niCH doon-un.

Streak a vah mee heen smo lannan
Ounce a ghylan-nan CHyo-hur
Gaysh-tyuCH kosher veen an dor-ra
SHAYN sa CHol-ya Goh-wul;

KOOL un toe-mun BRA-ee un toe-mun
KOOL un toe-mun VO-yeeCH
KOOL un toe-mun BRA-ee un toe-mun
Hoo-la LA am o-nur.

O nam FY-keen oo a chee-in
Roo-yeen GHole nad Cho-GHul
aCH moor cheeg oon show gum HEE-ruh
Kim-mer HEEL-yus do-CHus?

Ounce an chee-yun o goor skee mee
Streak mo CHree ga LYO-nuGH
Noor viss caCH a Shayne an LOON-yag
CHa jen mish aCH crow-nan.

S-boCHK naCH row mee lat a REESHT,
Sheen a vee-yuGH KYOLE-vore,
RACH-een lat goo kool na KRIN-ya,
Air vahr toon-ya SHOW-lugh.
Kyid am FAME GHow vee ree toor-ya?
Jay nee toor-ya GHowe-sa?
Smee Cho fa-ta o gaCH doon-ya
BOOR-een chee’n gum CHO-nuGH?

I am tired, and I am alone,
Cutting the Bracken, Cutting the bracken
I am tired, and I am alone,
Cutting the Bracken forever
Often, my love and I were
In the misty glens
Listening to the sweet choir of the grove
Singing in the forest
Behind the knoll, up on the knoll,
Behind the pretty knoll
Behind the knoll, up on the knoll,
All the day alone
Oh, if I would see you coming
I would run to meet you
But if you will not come here at my pleading
How would hope return?
In the weather, oh that I am TIRED
Often my heart is wounded by her
When the others would be singing ditties
I can only make a croon.
It is bad that I am not with you again
We would be great music
I would go with you to the other side of the world
Sailing on top of the waves.
Why must I be mourning
What will make a chant to me
And I, so far from others,
Would people be able to come help me?

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