Westering Home

A 20th century Scots-English sea shanty written by Sir Hugh S. Roberton (1874-1952) of Glasgow set to the tune from an older song (some say a slowed down "Muckin' of Geordies Byre", partly from "Bonnie Strathyre"or completely from the Irish Gaelic"Trasna Na Dtonnta").

Westering home with a song in the air
Light of my eye and it's good-bye to care
Laughter and love are a-welcoming there
Pride of my heart, my own love.

Tell me a take of the Orient gay,
Tell me of riches that come from Cathay,
Ahh.. but it's grand to be wakened at day
And find oneself nearer to Islay. (eye-lah)

And it's... (Chorus)

Where are the folks like the folks of the West
Canty and couthy and kindly, our best.
There I would hie me and there I would rest
At haime wi' my ain folks in Islay. (eye-lah)

And it's... (Chorus)

Now I'm at home and at home I do lay
Dreaming of riches that come from Cathay
I'll hop a good ship and I'll be on my way
And bring back my fortune to Islay (eye-lah).

And it's... (Chorus)

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