ACS/CAC Catalog of Job Descriptions

[UPDATED May 20, 2005. Changes were enacted by the Board of Directors on May 7, 2005 based on the analysis and recommendations of a selected committee of its members.]

Executive Committee
Executive Director [UPDATED]
President [UPDATED]
Vice-President [UPDATED]
Secretary [UPDATED]
Treasurer [UPDATED]

Board of Directors
Board Member(s) [UPDATED]

Departments: Directors & Staff
Artistic Director [UPDATED]
Director of Theater Dept. & Department's Mission Statement
Director of Music Dept.
-- Seisiún Coordinator
-- Concert Coordinator
-- Choir Committee Chairperson
Director of Dance Dept.

Director of Educational Programs
-- Class Coordinator
• Director of Language Dept.

Infrastructure: Managers & Staff
Facilities Manager [UPDATED]
Snug Manager / Beverage Manager [UPDATED]
Chief Technical Officer
-- Web Architect
-- IT Manager

Committees: Chairpersons & Staff
• Marketing Chair
-- Graphic Designer(s)
-- Hotline Coordinator
Membership Chair
-- Membership Database Maven
Volunteer Coordinator
Grants/Fundraising Manager
-- Grant Writer
Center Development Chair